Because we work with many dogs that have issues, we wanted a safe enclosed area in which we could help Dog Owners rehabilitate their dogs and for Dog Owners alike to have a safe place where they could just walk and have fun with their dogs, whether that be just walking, playing, training. The woodland is hired out privately by the hour. Stricly by Bookings Only. Please email for further information and prices.


Puppy & Adult Residential Training

Please contact us to discuss further


Training and Behaviour 121 Sessions

Maybe you need some advice or you are having problems trying to understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way, or you may need help in training your dog. We are happy to deal with any issues you may have from no recall to pulling on the lead or any other issue you may have

Aggression 121 Training

We are one of the few companies who specialise in & understand aggression whether it be dog on dog aggression or human aggression. Where ever possible we take a holistic approach to rehabilitating dogs with issues. We have helped many dogs over the years many of whom would have been rehomed or put to sleep, some of these dogs have gone on to help others.



Puppy Start Up Package

Having a puppy is very exciting, however it is very demanding and can be very daunting especially when it is your first one. Donít worry help is at hand, let us help you.  We can give you all the help and advice that you need.

Fun Agility

Do you feel that you have lost that special bond with your dog. Why not come along to our fun agility classes and have fun with your dog. It is also great exercise for you and your dog.