Leah (Amberzita Centa)

D.O.B 10th November 2006

Leah is our 3rd German Shepherd and has such a lovely nature, she is the biggest Lap dog that we have ever had. Paul was adament that when we lost our 1st GSD that he would never have another one again, as we were so heart broken, however a few years later I persuaded him that it was time for another one to come and live with us and our other dog that we had Phoebe(GSD).So along came Leah, all the way from Clacton-On-Sea. She in fact was the inspiration to start Puppy Love. She is fabulous with the puppies, helping dogs with their recall .Good with helping nervous dogs gain their confidence.  She love's to play, whether that is with us or our 2 Corgis . She also has to find the biggest stick on a walk and bring it back for firewood !!

Elmo (Liebehund Ice and a Slice)

D.O.B 24th June 2011

We decided that we wanted a smaller breed of dog, but one with lots of character that would fit in well with GSD'S.  We were introduced to a Cardigan Welsh Corgi at Discover Dogs and immediately fell in love with the breed. We did lots of research into the breed and looked for a Breeder which was fairly difficult as the breed is on the vulnerable breed list. It was quite by accident that I came accross Liebehund and much to my surprise they were just up the road and bred GSDS too. We eventually met up with Jo & Martyn and their Corgi's and I fell in love with these dogs. Fourteen months later, Elmo arrived and what a character he is.  He is very laid back, everything is in his own time and he is so so funny, quite the clown. Although Elmo is very laid back, he is always ready for action, so whether that be a walk, checking up on the chickens or just being out in the garden he is ready. He loves to play and life is just fun for him. Elmo is very good at Agility and he loves it. He amazed everyone at what he could do, these Corgis are fearless. We were warned that this breed would be addictive, little did I know, what would happen shortly !


Hatter ( Liebehund Hatter)

D.O.B 5th March 2012

So the story continue's. Jo warned me how addictive this breed would be and she was so right.  Along came Hatter ( Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland) . I loved his name so I kept it and it suits him. We were not expecting to get another one so soon, however that is the way it worked out and hooray it did. Hatter is very different, he is like a rocket ! In fact he does actually think that he is a GSD but shorter . He comes to Puppy Class and is our  Demo Dog and is good whilst the puppies are working.  He then gets to be worked in the beginners class, which he loves as he knows he will get some treats. Hatter also featured in Dog's Today Magazine as he came on a photo shoot with 8 other Corgi's, most of them he was related to, so that was a fantastic opportunity, thanks to Jo from Liebehund who did an article on living with Cardi's.

I think in the future we would like a girl corgi, however at the moment we are enjoying the boys and we have many challenges ahead of us and I am sure Jo & Martyn will always let us come and say Hi to their wonderful Brood. Fabulous Breeder's who have taught us lot's and I am so thankful to have met them. They are a fantastic example of what Breeder's should be.


9th October 1997- 20th June 2011

What can I say about my lovely Phoebe, she was my 2nd GSD and my 1st Bitch. I had a very special bond with her as we had her from 5 weeks of age, long story and not ideal, but that was the way it was, I lost her at the age of 14 which is a fantastic age for this breed. The photo above was actually taken in the April before she died. It still breaks my heart when I write this but I would rather have my heart broken than not have ever had her at all. This is the way we feel about all our dogs. She went to doggy heaven on the 20th June and our Elmo was born on the 24th June. I was upset that she did not meet Elmo but I think it was meant to be, she made way for a new life. What a character she was and how much she taught us was invaluable. She was a bright feisty spark right to the end .

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our dogs, past and present, we will have more photo's to come. Our dog's are our biggest teacher's and words cannot express how thankful and humble we feel to be able to own dogs. No one has a right to own a dog, it is a true true gift to have one work and live alongside you.



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