Nutriton has always been a passion of ours. As the saying goes ' you are what you eat ' and a good diet is key to the well being of our dogs health & behaviour. We are very much advocates of a natural diet, along with a holistic approach.

We are very much into the BARF DIET (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for our dog's and all of them are fed this way. Because of this we believe our dogs are so much more healthier and they have a very healthy Immune system, because of this.

Recommended Reading for getting started : Give your dog a bone by Dr Ian Billinghurst, or you can go onto his website

We would recommend and feed our dogs Natural Instinct,  Natures Menu, Cotswold Raw & They love it Raw Dog Food.

We are happy to discuss any Nutritional questions that you may have


We now also Stock Healthy Treats with a Difference


  • We stock a variety of Flavours, along with Rabbit & Lamb Ear's. Braided Lamb Sticks. For any information on these products please contact us.